Timeline: 2014

12/30/14 – Follow-up appointments in Houston. They remove the PICC line and drain. They put me on oral antibiotics.

12/19/14 – Back to the ER in Edmond. The PICC lines are clogged. It gets fixed quickly there.

12/17/14 – Released from the hospital. Infection appears to be under control. Drive back to Edmond.

12/13/14 – Develop infection. Drive to MD Anderson Emergency Center to get started on IV antibiotics.

12/9/14 – First of two drains pulled in Oklahoma City.

12/3/14 – Surgery No. 7: This is a surgery to correct rippling on the left side and lift that side while adding fat grafting on both sides.

11/4/14 – Drive to Houston for appointment with Dr. Kronowitz to confirm the plan for another surgery in December to attempt to correct and finalize the rebuild. While there, I see the tattoo artist to complete the implant on the original right side.

9/18/14 – Two-year anniversary of diagnosis.

8/15/14 –  Drain No. 2 is removed in Oklahoma City. No complications.

8/12/14 –  Drain No. 1 is removed in Oklahoma City. No complications.

8/6/14 –  Report for surgery No. 6, a reconstructive surgery that be Jenny’s final surgical procedure. I am left with two drains.

8/5/14 –  Pre-surgery appointments in Houston with Dr. Kronowitz’s team. It’s also our 14th wedding anniversary.

6/19/14 –  After complaining about a handful of dizzy spells and momentary moments of confusion, Dr. Toma said I should have a CT scan of the brain. It was scheduled quickly. Everything was normal in the CT scan. Whew.

5/20/14 –  Follow-up appointment with Dr. Kronowitz. Everything looks good. Planning for next surgery in August or September. Also had another ultrasound on knot under arm. It’s not there anymore, and everything is good. Say good-bye to Dr. DeSnyder. We won’t have to see her again, we don’t think.

4/15/14 –  Meet with my new oncologist at Cancer Specialists of Oklahoma — Dr. Aleda Toma. I like her.

4/4/14 –  Last drain is removed. Thank you Dr. Wayman! Recovery accelerates.

3/18/14 –  Ultrasound shows that the knot under my arm is just a mixture of fat and scar tissue. A long trip, but good news at the end.

3/11/14 –  Three more drains are removed, making me much more comfortable. I still have one drain left in my back. My OB also tells me to go back to Houston to check out a knot under my arm.

2/24/14 –  Two of the six surgical drains are removed. Still have four drains remaining.

2/18/14 –  Follow-up appointments with Dr. Kronowitz and Dr. DeSnyder. Recovery appears to be going well.

2/15/14 –  Released from the hospital after reconstruction surgery. Go to stay at Houston hotel until follow up appointments.

2/12/14 –  Reconstruction surgery on right side and prophylactic mastectomy/reconstruction on left side. Stay in hospital for three days for recovery.

2/11/14 –  Meet with Dr. Kronowitz again and make final decision on the Lat-Flap reconstruction procedure the following day. Have other pre-op blood work. Do another annual CT scan for oncologist.

2/5/14 through 2/10/14 –  Research and discuss reconstruction options at home, including few calls to Houston for extra questions. 

2/4/14 –  Pre-op appointments in Houston, including another opinion about oophorectomy and an introduction to another reconstruction option.

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