MD Anderson – Final Day

Just a really quick update while we are driving home…if I’m not quick, I just know Alan will get upset that I’m not singing 90s hairband songs to him while he drives. I’m positive it is the only thing that keeps him awake and focused while he drives. I tell myself that his increased focus is not because he feels I’m torturing him and wants nothing more than to get home and out of the car.

We have a date!

I report for surgery on November 5. I have pre-op appointments on November 2, and we wilI be in Houston until my November 8 follow up with the plastic surgeon.

I have more info about the surgery, but that will have to wait until tomorrow…I have responsibilities to fulfill to get us back to Edmond fast and safe!

3 thoughts on “MD Anderson – Final Day

    • Yeah, you’re my girls. Not just hairband, but all kinds of songs! With feeling!! 🙂 And Keri, you can launch into some mean air guitar solos!

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