Recovery — Days 4 and 5: About to go home

Jenny looked up today and said …

There always has to be a bad day after these surgeries.

She wasn’t talking about today. She was talking about Sunday — Day 4.

I wrote about the headache the day we left the hospital on Saturday. We were worried about that headache.

But Sunday wasn’t about the headache. That wasn’t the problem. Sunday was just about feeling rotten — exhausted, sore, nauseous, medicated … just rotten.

She wasn’t a happy girl on Sunday.

Monday has been a little bit better. She’s not really happy, but she’s has a little more life to her.

She walked around the hotel a couple of times. She laughed at my jokes a couple times — so that means she’s feeling a LOT better. She’s still really sore, especially since she’s intentionally less medicated. But she says she’d rather be really sore than medicated, and thereby exhausted and nauseous.

That’s not to say she’s off the pain medication completely. She’s just not taking as much or as often. We’ll see how that goes in the days that follow.

We’re packed and ready to go to our appointments tomorrow morning before driving home. We are REALLY ready to be home.

And we are really hoping that she gets a good report from both of the surgeons tomorrow after they take a look at how she’s doing on Day 6. We think everything is going OK, but you never know for sure until you hear it.


5 thoughts on “Recovery — Days 4 and 5: About to go home

  1. Praying that the healing is going as planned and you get the OK to travel home.
    I hope the kids remember our talks about “gentle” hugs for Mom.

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