An update from the hospital room

Dr. Kronowitz came by this morning to check on Jenny.

He was full of energy as he turned on the light.

“It’s so dark and gloomy in here!”

He went on to explain why he was in such a good mood about this visit. The ultrasound they did in the Emergency Center last night showed no fluid in the breast. He doesn’t think he will need to remove the expander.

That’s good news. It doesn’t look like Jenny will need a bonus surgery — at least not right now. They are going to keep her here a couple of days and let the antibiotics work.

She’s going to be on these antibiotics for two weeks, so they put in a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line) that I get to take care of. A home health care service will bring her the anitibiotics when we go home.  I will flush the lines, change the caps and change the dressing. I even took classes today to learn the proper processes. And there’s a test tomorrow — on Jenny — before I’m approved.

All this news was just fine, but Jenny was still very tired and not very happy about being in a hospital this morning. So before leaving, Dr. Kronowitz asked her how she was doing.

“This stinks.”

Dr. Kronowitz remained upbeat.

“It happens, unfortunately. Welcome to the world of surgery. No more sadness in here!”

And then he was gone to let the antibiotics continue working. He said Jenny will be here for a couple of days. We’ll see him again tomorrow morning.

Jenny’s fever has been under control today, but she’s still very sore on that side where the infection is. And a dull, bothersome headache keeps coming back.

I’m taking the fact that the fever is subsiding as a good sign. That has to mean that her body is able to rest a bit. But she isn’t comfortable — not feeling good at all.

And when Jenny isn’t comfortable, ain’t nobody comfortable.

We’re going to rest as much as possible tonight and pray that more magic happens faster with this antibiotic mixture.

12 thoughts on “An update from the hospital room

  1. Thanks for the update! We are keeping Jenny, you, and your family in our prayers! Dr. Kronowitz sounds like a great doctor!

  2. We’re thinking of you Jenny. Keep your head up! Thank you for updating us Alan and taking good care of her. You definitely should be awarded husband of the year!

  3. Jenny & Alan – we are praying you would just know in real ways, our Heavenly Father’s presence with you every minute.

  4. Dr. Kronowitz sounds great – yet I imagine Jenny might have felt like punching his perky self right in the kisser! LOL Hang tough, guys. Sending lots of love and prayers. good luck on your test!

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