Another surgery scheduled

Yes…another one.

In November, I went for my annual appointment with my OBGYN, Dr. Wayman. Wayman sound familiar to you? That’s because she has been extremely helpful through my journey to pull the surgical drains from my body after each surgery so I didn’t have to drive all the way to Houston for that. She is a pretty amazing person.

So, back to the appointment. I was complaining to her about some issues I have been having, and she thinks they are related to the Tamoxifen I take each day. Tamoxifen prevents the absorption of estrogen since my cancer is estrogen fed. I will be on this medicine for at least six more years.

Knowing that not taking Tamoxifen wasn’t an option for me, and how my side effects are infringing on my quality of life AND that Tamoxifen can cause uterine cancer, she suggested a hysterectomy and tube removal (leaving my ovaries). After talking to her, my oncologist and another doctor (who is a breast cancer survivor), I made the decision to move forward.

Of course, I’ve hit my out of pocket for five years straight which means that the April surgery I had for reconstruction ate up my out of pocket, and having a hysterectomy this year would mean that it was essentially of no cost to me.

So, I scrambled, begged and pleaded to get the surgery done before the end of the year. Luckily, Dr. Wayman was her amazing self who, even though she was scheduled to be off on Thursday, came in to do my surgery.

It is so good to be surrounded by good doctors you trust.

It is also great to not have to drive 7+ hours to have a surgery. I got to have it right here in OKC!

Recap of the surgery is coming soon!

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