Post-Op Appointment

On July 7, I headed back down for a post-operative appointment with Dr. Garvey. He was very happy with my results, like I was. There is still some significant symmetry issues, but they are much better.

That day, he suggested replace the implant on the right side (the cancer side) to get a better symmetrical result. I have always been told that messing around on the side that had been radiated could be dangerous.

Dr. Garvey said that he felt like the risk of that was low seeing as how I am three years out from reconstruction on that side. The lifetime of an implant is about 10 years, and I am experiencing capsular contraction on the side already. Capsular contraction happens when your body recognizes your implant to be something foreign in your body, and begins to form scar tissue around the implant. The more scar tissue it builds, the harder it feels to the touch, but also it begins to tighten the implant closer and closer to the chest wall. So, as that continues to get worse, I might wind up getting that fixed anyway. Otherwise, I am only seven years out from having the right side replaced anyway.

All of that said, I made the decision not to replace the implant on the radiated/cancer side. I am at peace with this decision…I think!

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