Good Trip

Alan and I flew to Houston at the crack of dawn this morning. Today was about meeting with the oncologist to discuss the result of the scans (has it spread?) and get final chemo recommendation.

While the appointment wasn’t as fruitful as we had hoped, it was worth coming.

My normal oncologist was not in the office so as planned, we met with her colleague. He was a lot different than she is, and we liked him quite a lot. He went through all of my scans, and the great news is NONE OF THE SCANS SHOW ANY METASTASIS!

(***Insert major happy dance here***)

He explained some things that we hadn’t heard before. I am Stage 2B because I technically don’t have any positive lymph nodes. Otherwise, I would be a Stage 3.

Yep, you heard that right – no positive lymph nodes. Apparently, when you only have a couple of cancer cells in your lymph node and they aren’t together and measuring a certain size, you are still considered to have negative lymph nodes. From what he says, there is a chance that my lymph system would have gotten rid of them on its own.

Anyway, the bottom line is that we have to wait to see what the surgery results tell us after next week. When she removes them, if they have any cancer cells in them, I will be upgraded to Stage 3. If they don’t, he says there is reason to question the need for chemotherapy. He seems like a much more liberal doctor who doesn’t believe in treating everything aggressively while Dr. Moulder has indicated that she wants to treat this aggressively due to my age.

Clearly there are different philosophies. So if they are negative, we will have some hard choices to make. But if they are negative, we will also celebrate!

Bittersweet, I guess!

But, all of that is in the future. For now, we are beyond ecstatic that the scans showed it hasn’t spread anywhere.


23 thoughts on “Good Trip

  1. This is AMAZING news!!!! So happy about scan results!!! Mickey, of course, is giving all the credit to his pot roast. It will take me another week or so to set him straight on that.

  2. That is great news Jenny. That is absolutely great news and what we have been praying for. We will continue to pray for even better news to come for you. I am extremely happy for you. You truly deserve this good news.

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