Hysterectomy pathology is in

I waited as patiently as possible all week for the pathology to come in. By the end of the week, my patience had faded and my worry had fired up. On Thursday, I spent a long time researching whether benign tumors/cysts were ever smooth. Dr. Wayman described mine as smooth (unlike cancer), but was it impossible that it was cancer?

I remember when I went for my biopsy right before my diagnosis, and the nurses were talking amongst themselves. I heard one say, “Is it vascular?” and the other said it was. It was code for something…I was sure of it. They left me alone in the room right after that, and it was all I could do to not jump off the table to get my phone and start Googling “vascular mass in breast.” Was vascular good? Bad?

Turns out, it was bad. This was just a replay of that same situation.

I finally got the call from Dr. Wayman’s nurse mid-day on Friday. Pathology is back, and everything was normal.

Such a HUGE¬†relief. After meeting with Wayman, she said that it seemed like a normal cyst that just wasn’t resolving itself like it should – which could have played into some of the symptoms I was having. The fibroid that was on my uterus grew really quickly from the previous ultrasound I had so it was only a matter of time before it was causing me issues.

In the end, it turns out that my quick decision (and peace) surrounding having this surgery was right on target. 2017 is the year of some normalcy!


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