Quick Update on Appointments

Just a real quick entry to let everyone know that the oncologist gave us the blessing to have my scans after surgery. We are going to Houston next Tuesday, Nov. 27 for my Wednesday surgery. We plan to come home on Thursday. We will go back on Dec 6 and 7 for my scans, follow-up with the surgeon and plastic surgeon appointment to fill my expander. We fly back…AGAIN…on Dec 10 for our meeting to discuss the scans and the chemo plan.

I have an appointment with an Oklahoma City oncologist on Dec 13. This will be a consult where we show her the MD Anderson oncologist’s recommendations. If all goes well, we will start chemo in early January. Expected hair lost to happen within 3-4 weeks of starting chemo.

By the way, I tried on wigs yesterday. It wasn’t very fun.

So, say a little prayer for us as we travel next week and the following week. Huge shout out to the American Airlines Executive Platinum group who, once again, have helped us with filghts on Dec 6 and 7. Shout to to Marek who also helped us with a flight on Dec 10. Shout out to Krisan, Debbie, Linda, Bill, Loretta and Glen who will all play a role in childcare. It is definitely taking a village these days. We are grateful to have such great village people. 

3 thoughts on “Quick Update on Appointments

  1. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend.
    My friend, Dot, had cancer and in remission for 10 years!! She has a story of wearing wigs….so short story….she was wearing her wig, and her car had a flat tire and had pulled over on the side of the road. As she was surveying the situation, a semi flew by – and blew her wig off, over the ditch, and into the cornfield. Now – Dot is a little spit-fire….she tramped down through the ditch, climbed over the fence, shook out the wig, and put it back on. Then proceeded to call me and was livid about the whole situation, even saying bad words about her wig situation…It was such a strange phone call that we both started laughing hysterically.
    We still laugh about it now. Her sense of humor and spit fire personality carried her through the tough time.
    So be careful if wearing wig out in wind! LOL
    We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Your support system is awesome, lean on them!

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