Recon Recovery: Things are looking up

Things are looking up, guys.

As of Friday, I am drain free! I can’t tell you how happy I am!

Dr. Misty Wayman

Dr. Misty Wayman

I got word from MD Anderson that I could have it removed around lunch time on Thursday so I immediately called my OBGYN, Dr Wayman, who has removed them all. I was completely deflated when Annika, her nurse, told me that she is out of the office on Friday … and Monday.

She detected the disappointment in my voice so she followed up with saying that she would see if Dr. Wayman would come to the office on Friday to pull my drain.

Dr. Wayman said yes.

I believe she was working in the main hospital that day — not on vacation or anything — but the fact that she disrupted her schedule to handle the surgical drains of a patient on whom she didn’t even operate … well, I was beyond appreciative.

Because my drain was still in the high teens when we pulled it, Dr. Kronowitz/Katie want me to keep an ace bandage around my torso which will apply pressure and prevent a fluid collection. I’m supposed to keep it for a week.

Being tied up in what feels like tight Spanx all day and all night is getting a little claustrophobic, but it is better than a drain. Plus, I think it might be forcing me to improve my posture. Glass half full, right?

I started physical therapy last week. Emily, my physical therapist, is helping me get my range of motion and strength back in both arms. I’ve only had three sessions with her, but I can already feel a difference.

I believe I am officially on the downhill side of this 1.5-year disruption. It feels good.


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  1. Fantastic news!! So glad you’re done with the drains. Hoping the next therapy sessions will yield even better results.

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