Ultrasound results: Good news!

We made our way down to Houston (taking a whole new route through Waco, I might add) yesterday. We started the morning off early at MD Anderson by getting an ultrasound on the infamous lump.

Ultrasound showed that I have a mixture of fat and scar tissue that are forming the big lump. According to the doctor, “We are comfortable with the look and have no concerns.”

Music to our ears.

I’ve been trying not to think about it too hard. Late last night, I played out a few “what-ifs”, and I’m glad that I don’t have to think about those again for awhile.

More good news: Since we were down there, we went ahead and saw Dr. Kronowitz (plastic surgeon) and Katie (his PA). They were both very pleased with my healing. Everything looks great. From here, I will go back in May. We need for my right side to settle so he can have a better idea of how to achieve symmetry when he goes in to swap the expander for an implant on my left side. It might even be longer than the six months he said before. Prematurely swapping them out could lead to future adjustment surgeries which no one wants.

Bad news: They wouldn’t remove the back drain. Kronowitz said to be patient because the straight jacket-like vest I’d have to wear if I wound up with a fluid collection would be way worse than the drain I have. I can check back with them next week to see if I’m closer. Sigh.

While I hate that we wasted a trip to Houston to find out that I have a lump of fat under my arm (to which Alan says is “just more of you to love.”), the doctors did reassure me multiple times that I made a good choice to get it checked out quickly.

I’ll appreciate the peace of mind the trip has brought me. I’ll appreciate our family (Keri, George, Mom and Dad) rearranging lives and schedules to help us get there. I’ll also appreciate Alan being my faithful sidekick, chauffeur and note taker. Thanks to everyone!

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