Recovery — Day 2

Jenny published a blog post yesterday, and then she fell fast asleep.

That’s the way it’s been the last couple of days. The recovery seems to be going according to plan — she’s had no fever and her pain has been manageable. She’s had enough energy to take some pretty lengthy walks, and she’s had a decent appetite.

And the biggest news today is that she was able to take a shower. She was really happy about that.

But when she attempts to concentrate on something — writing emails, responding to texts, reading something on the computer or even watching TV — she inevitably will return to sleep within about 30 minutes. And this evening, she was just beat — completely worn out.

She’s been a good patient, though. She is resting a lot.

Jenny’s really looking forward to her follow-up appointment with Dr. Kronowitz’s team tomorrow. We don’t expect to see Dr. Kronowitz; we’ll see his fellow instead. But Jenny wants to make sure the bruising is normal. We knew there would be bruising, but it worried her enough to call about it today. When she spoke with the doctor on call, they assured her that if she has no fever and or irritation around the incisions, then she’s OK.

The appointment is at 1:45 p.m.

After that appointment, we’ll rest some more and get ready to drive home on Friday morning.


3 thoughts on “Recovery — Day 2

  1. Sounds like the recovery is on track.

    Jen’s dad said to tell her that being tired is her body’s way of telling her to sleep and let it do some much needed repair and maintenance work! So do it!

    Have a good day tomorrow. Both of you get a little extra rest, which is good. And have a safe trip home Friday. We’re looking forward to having you two home where you belong. XXOOO

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