Recovery — Getting through the weekend

We’ve passed Day No. 3 since the surgery. Jenny’s getting by.

She’s able to get up and get around, so in that sense, she’s doing very well.

But she’s not feeling great. She’s tired. She hurts. It’s hard for her to get comfortable. She feels like she’s in a fog.

But she’s getting by.

Historically, Day 3 has been the least comfortable for Jenny after her surgeries. Our guess is that her reaction to the anesthesia makes Day 3 the worst — giving her really bad headaches, putting her in the fog and just generally wiping her out (but not wiping her out in a way that allows to sleep comfortably).

What do we know? It just seems to be that way.

Here’s the good news:

  1. There’s no headache this time. Those are the worst.
  2. She has no infection. She had a slight fever on Friday. That scared us briefly, but it went away after a few hours, and it wasn’t high enough yet to sound the alarms.
  3. Jenny stopped taking the pain medication on Friday morning. She doesn’t like that stuff. So she’s been fighting through the pain with Motrin. She actually thinks getting off the pain meds has improved her outlook.
  4. The two drains she has aren’t bothering her as much as the drains she had after the last surgery. And there’s a good chance at least one of them will come out this next week.

Remember when she had six drains after the last surgery? This time, there are only two, so we’ve reminisced on all the fun with the drains we’ve had over the years. I think these drains will be out within 10 days.

All in all, things are good. Jenny plans to work from home this week as she gains strength. She seems to be progressing well enough to be ready for that.

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