Treatment No. 6 — (and pictures of Jenny)

It’s my turn to post about Jenny’s chemo treatments.

She made it through treatment No. 6 last Thursday. Two more to go!

Jenny keeping up with work while sitting in the chemo chair.

Jenny keeping up with work while sitting in the chemo chair.

The biggest scare this time came when she realized at the doctor’s office on Thursday morning that she forgot to take her steroid pills the night before and the morning of treatment. She was worried she would be sent home.

As we waited and she fretted, I tried looking at the bright side by saying,

“It would just be pushed back to next w-“

Jenny had none of it, not even letting the thought finish.

“I don’t want it to last another week.”

She’s counting down to July 3 by the hour.

Thankfully, she got away with a disappointed look from the doctor and assurances that they could give her the steroids through the port (in the same way as last time when she doubled up on steroids).

Whew! She was not going to be happy if she had to miss a week. That much was clear.

The recovery this weekend was about the same as Treatment No. 5. She was up and around a bit on Friday, even going to church in the evening. But this time, she wasn’t swollen like a blowfish (only one dose of the steroids, instead of two). But she looked tired.

That’s because she was tired. She was tired all weekend. Not in a ‘sleeping all day‘ way; more in a ‘don’t feel like moving‘ way.

Because of that, I let her wait until tonight to take out the trash.

(That’s a joke.)

We are lucky to have great neighbors. Two families surprised us with meals. We are thankful for that, and all the leftovers made the weekend a little easier.

I’ll take the rest of this post as an opportunity to share pictures of Jenny.

She is usually wearing a scarf …




Brynlee likes to dress like Mom ….


Jenny has worn her wig on a few occasions …



She wears it better than me …


But she rocks the no-hair look, too.



I think she can keep that look into the future.

P.S. — Jenny approved all the photos in this post. I’m in the clear.

P.P.S — Hayden has been a big part of our family. We just didn’t have any photos of Hayden with Jenny. Here’s proof he’s still around …

We were out for Brynlee's birthday. She chose Ted's.

We were out for Brynlee’s birthday. She chose Ted’s.

11 thoughts on “Treatment No. 6 — (and pictures of Jenny)

  1. Jenny is beautiful as usual. I’m not so sure about you and the long hair look.
    Only two more treatments !!!

  2. I’m so glad you have one more behind you sweetie. You look beautiful. Hair, no hair, scarf, no scarf…beautiful.

  3. Yes, your wife has always been a looker! It’s that perfectly photogenic face! So happy she is almost done! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the updates. I will let Grandma Nelson know how Jenny is doing. She always asks. And I will mention you let her take the trash out later! I’m sure Grandma Nelson will chuckle! Continued prayers ! Love Aunt Dora

  5. Continuing to show the world what you’re made of, Jenny — fight, vim and vigor! May the Fourth of July be a BIG celebration for you especially!

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