Chemo Update

Chemo Update…

Well, I guess the update is that there is no update.

Last week (three weeks after we met with our OKC oncologist), I talked with the nurse at OU Cancer Center. I got the vibe that I might have slipped through the cracks a little bit.

Turns out, they sent a request to MD Anderson for MD Anderson to send my tumor to the place that does the OncoType DX test – that one test that is preventing us from moving forward with chemo. MD Anderson required additional medical release paperwork to be sent. Somewhere in the two and a half weeks time, someone dropped the ball. MD Anderson didn’t send the tumor. OU clearly didn’t follow up.

She sent the appropriate paperwork last week, allowing MD Anderson to release the specimen…just in time for us to receive a letter from BlueCross BlueShield saying they will not cover it.


I was supposed to start chemo within 3-6 weeks of my mastectomy. I am currently 15 weeks out from my mastectomy.

I’m hoping to talk to the doctor first thing tomorrow morning. I’m frustrated on many levels – that things are taking so long, that people are dropping the ball when I’m trusting them not to, that I just want to move forward and get this all behind me.

All of that said, I read this quote today:

The best way to befriend your problems is to thank Me for them. This simple act opens your mind to the possibility of benefits flowing from your difficulties…


…I will not necessarily remove your problems, but My wisdom is sufficient to bring good out of every one of them.

So, I choose to believe that there is something good to be had out of this waiting.

The past week has been like a normal week for our family. I’ve felt really good. I worked all week. We even went out on Saturday night. Maybe it is as simple as that…I’m getting a couple of weeks of normalcy before things get difficult.

I’ll accept that. Now, it is time to move forward though. I’m ready to get this thing started.

Hoping to hear something tomorrow morning.

5 thoughts on “Chemo Update

  1. One thing I have learned by helping my Dad through all of his medical tribulations over the past 8 years is that insurance companies do things that don’t make sense. Sometimes you have to call, ask a lot of questions, ask for paperwork to be resubmitted, and make a little noise to get them to cover things they should. If they should cover the test, don’t be afraid to fight and file an appeal.

  2. Very wise words. And they are spot on. It DOES change how I look at “bad luck” situations. I am going to store that gem away for future use. 🙂 love you, Jen,

  3. Well now, that just makes my hair curl….you may be a number to them, but you are a person we love to us….I agree Jennifer Wallis, call your insurance and ask questions, appeal, and resubmit. Or better yet – give me their number, and I’ll call them…I may be a mild mannered Iowa lady, but don’t mess with me or my loved ones. Make sure the doctors follow up and no more dropping the ball…..And I will read your special quote again…. Okay now I’m calm again…Whew….
    Continued prayers to you and your continued patience for dealing with this cancer and all that goes with treatment, doctor appointments, and healing.

  4. I hope all of this gets taken care of ASAP! Any updates? Praying that all of this gets rolling soon. So glad you had a ‘normal’ week!

  5. Hi, Jenny — hope you get the test results soon.
    AND — I don’t think Dora was kidding. I’ve heard her stories about her dealing with doctors and bureaucracy.

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