Closing another looooong day in Houston

It’s been a long day, but it’s almost over.

Jenny is currently in the clinic bed at MD Anderson getting her day’s dose of antibiotics through the IV. Tomorrow, I’ll be able to administer the meds at home.

Jenny was discharged from the hospital this morning after her white blood cell count registered at 10 this morning. Since leaving the room at 11 a.m., we’ve been running from building to building for the bone scan, the CT scan, going to the Pharmacy and getting blood drawn in preparation for surgery next week.

The MRI is another story, though. Apparently, you can’t get an MRI if you have a tissue expander. Who knew? Not our oncologist, I guess. At any rate, we’re now very thankful to have already had a CT scan of the brain at the ER at OU Medical Center in Edmond on Monday night. We hope it will suffice, especially since the radiologist in Edmond said it was negative. Jenny will call and try to deliver the CD with the CT scan next week.

The MRI was supposed to be at 8 p.m., but since they kicked us out, we arrived at the clinic extra early for the antibiotics. That was supposed to be at 10 p.m., but here we are already getting the IV at 8:30 p.m. We love being early!

Through all our running around today, Jenny never got another fever or a headache. She still needs pain meds, but at least her fever isn’t coming back. She’s also been a good patient and dilligently rode in the wheelchair. (And that means I get to control the pace at which we walk. We might keep this arrangment up all the time.)

We’re planning on driving home tomorrow morning. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen the kids.

Despite this unplanned infection, we’re still on pace for having our last meeting with the oncologist in Houston on Dec. 10. We think that still puts us on schedule to start chemotherapy in early- to mid-January.

The only other change might be a retun trip for a follow-up appointment with Dr. Gainer a week or two after surgery. We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Closing another looooong day in Houston

  1. So glad this bump in the road under control & you’re heading home. Tomorrow night in your own bed!!! There’s no place like home. Drive carefully tomorrow. See you late afternoon/early evening!

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