MD Anderson-or-Bust (and Parent/Teacher Conferences)

I’m back! Officially back to the usual routine of work, kids, dinner, kids, etc. To be honest, I missed it. That, and that husband of mine.

I’m officially heading to Houston next Wednesday for my early Thursday morning appointment at MD Anderson. I’m nervous and excited all at once. Excited about a new way of approaching a treatment plan. Excited that everyone has said fantastic things about what this experience will be.

MD Anderson

I’m nervous because so far my experience, while limited, has consisted of two things. First, a fairly rude lady to whom I’ve been assigned for getting the appointment scheduled. She isn’t the friendliest I’ve ever met and is not great about returning phone calls. Second, my appointment is set for next Thursday morning, and it isn’t until then that I will know how long I have to stay in Houston. Talk about inconvenient for the type-A planner.

But, back to being excited (since that is a better thing to focus on) … in the Mercy system, I started with the breast surgeon. She is the one who gave me the beginning of the plan with intentions of passing me off to the oncologist afterward. At MD Anderson, the lady told me with the size of my tumor, they will start me off with the medical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer. She will determine the course of action, then I will (so I hear) start a week of tests and visits with other specialists. I’m feeling pretty happy that my second opinion will have a different approach/perspective. If they tell me the same thing Mercy tells me, I’ll feel pretty confident.

My surgery with the doctor here has been rescheduled for October 31. Unfortunately, she only does these surgeries on Wednesdays. I might not be back from Houston on the 24th…and if I push it to November, I’ll feel too much like Kristina in Parenthood (who got diagnosed the same day as me, by the way). So Halloween, it is…assuming I don’t decide to go to MD for my treatment.

On a lighter and more funny note, we had parent/teacher conferences tonight with Ty and Bryn’s teachers. Bryn’s teacher told me that she knew I had cancer because Brynlee came to school and told the entire class that her mom had cancer, but she wasn’t going to die … but she WAS going to lose all of her hair.

Ty’s teacher was grateful for some clarification. A few weeks ago, she assigned a book report to Tyler that was due on October 9. The next day (most likely the day after we told the kids), he came to school and told her that he wasn’t sure he could turn it in because his mom was going to have cancer that day. She asked, “Does she have an appointment or something?” Ty said, “No, she’ll just have cancer on that day so I’m not sure if we can get it done.”

And that, folks, is why you tell the teacher before you tell the kids.



6 thoughts on “MD Anderson-or-Bust (and Parent/Teacher Conferences)

  1. I volunteer to take the kids trick or treating! If we can make that work I think they will look forward to it. Just let me know!

  2. Jenny my thoughts & prayers are with you all. You have my number so please use it when needed.

    P.S. Looking forward to Parent/Friend Conference time! 🙂

  3. Jenny and Al, I’m so sorry to hear about your illness but I’m glad that you decided to consult at MD Anderson.

    Please feel free to stay with us for any trips to Houston. The commute to the med center is not that bad from here. Melody’s dad did it for several months over the past year and we would love to see you or help in any way that we can.

  4. Jenny, just got a chance to read all of the blog and wanted to reply. What a great idea! Please know my thoughts are with you, Alan and the kids daily. Although I’m almost a thousand miles away, if there’s anything I can do please let me know. Also, only a phone call or email away! I am very proud of your courage and strength and you will kick this things butt!!
    Love and prayers, Mike

  5. Jenny,

    Just wanted you to know that I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. I am so glad you are sharing all of your thoughts and experiences on this blog so all of us that care so much about you can follow you on this journey. I have no doubt that you will come out on top and I’m so proud to call you my friend!

    Love the Ty and Bryn stories too. I miss hearing them in person…Keep your chin up We’ll talk soon.

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