Oh, how I’ll miss it

I got my drain pulled out today.

Boy, how I’ll miss it.

I’ll miss the stabbing feeling I would get when my shirt tugged on the tubing that was stitched into my side.

I’ll miss having to actually sit up in bed to be able to turn over so I don’t tangle up my drain tubing.

I’ll miss looking down or catching a glimpse of my reflection and realizing that I’ve been walking around with my drain tubing hanging out from under my shirt all day long. I’m sure coworkers, friends, church members, etc., will all miss that, too.

I’ll miss having to choose my shirts based on how well I can hide the big bulb that is strapped to my waist.

I’ll miss being woken up by the not-so-gentle reminder that sleeping on my right side is out of the question.

I’ll miss being eyed by the TSA guy at the airport because the drain belted around my waist makes it look like I’m packing heat.

I’ll miss the quality time that Alan and I spend as he drains it twice a day and helps me redress it every night.

I’ll miss the ripping the super glue-like dressing off my skin every time I take a shower.

Dr. Misty Wayman

Dr. Wayman

Sure feels good to be free.

Shout out to Dr. Misty Wayman, who pulled my drain for fitting me in to her crazy busy schedule (on the fly) despite the fact that she didn’t place the drain. I loved her as my OBGYN long before all of this, but she has been incredibly helpful to me in the past five months.

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