Recovery Day — Feeling better

Jenny wasn’t happy last night. She didn’t get to eat, but later admitted that the restricted diet was smart. When she received more pain medication at about midnight, she had another wave of nausea. At that point, she was happy that she only had chicken broth and jello to eat for dinner.

Since midnight, though, Jenny has been progressing very well. By 6 a.m. this morning, she was up and around in her room and getting dressed. She ate breakfast after the visit from a doctor this morning. Dr. Gainer’s fellow allowed a change to the diet restriction. But under the advice of the nurse, Jenny took it easy and ate cereal and fruit. There was no breakfast taco, as I promised yesterday.

Jenny on the discharge cart. She looks like Brynlee at Crest.

(I must take this moment to note that Jenny showed some of her own undeserved animosity to a specific food during breakfast. She said while picking through her fruit cup: “I think that the world could exist without honeydew.” Granted, that’s not hate speech, but it’s a pretty strong statement from the normally mild-mannered Jenny.)

After breakfast, Dr. Gainer came by on her rounds. She explained many things to Jenny about the expected next steps with our oncologist, Dr. Moulder. All in all, Dr. Gainer was pleased with her recovery and was still pleased with the skin around the previous infection. Everything looks good.

Bill and Linda came by the room and visited. I picked up prescriptions and a to-go order of Jenny’s favorite dessert from the cafe downstairs.

Meanwhile, the nurses began the discharge process. We were at the hotel room by 11 a.m., at which point Jenny fell fast asleep.

She’s resting well today. She’s pretty comfortable, really. Compared to Day 2 after the first surgery, she is talking more and awake more. She posted that day, but she wasn’t very coherent for most of that day.

Things are looking up. We’ll get going on the road to OKC tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Recovery Day — Feeling better

  1. So happy Jenny’s doing so well. Have a safe trip home.
    I bet that peanut butter thing more than makes up for the breakfast taco!

  2. So glad to hear Jenny is doing well, and the surgery is over. There’s no place like home!! She needs some ruby slippers so she can click her heals and be there!
    Prayers continued for all of you!

  3. Atta girl Jenny! So very happy to hear that things are looking up (but I’ve got to have a conversation with your husband about breakfast tacos and pickles!). Go #TeamJenny!!

  4. Yay for feeling better than last time!!!

    Also, the world COULD exist without honeydew. I’m loving the food portion of the posts, BTW 🙂

  5. What a wonderful report! Alan – you are a great writer! Keep it up! Way to go, Jenny! I, too, agree with the honeydew observation.

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