Chemo Round 3 & Chemo brain

Chemo Round 3 begins tomorrow.

The not feeling well part lasted a lot longer than I would prefer last time. I’m really hoping I can get through the yucky feeling a bit faster this round.

Ever heard of chemo brain? Well, it is something you read about on a lot of message boards. I’ve even read some actual articles about it. Basically, people who are going through chemo can have short-term memory loss.

I’ve definitely experienced that and more.

In the days following my treatment, I have noticed that I have a really hard time recalling simple words. In the middle of sentences, I’m stuck trying to remember that one word I’m trying to use.

I’ve also had many instances where I’ve been in a meeting at work, go to write down a note about what we are talking about, and in the 2 seconds it took me to pick up a pen, I cannot remember what we were just talking about.

Even crazier, there have been a couple times where I don’t remember actually being somewhere.

For instance, a week after my first treatment, we went to the Friday service at our church. Chantelle, the pastor’s wife, was talking to me about the pictures of Tyler and Brynlee with the Easter Bunny that were taken the previous Sunday (which was three days after my first treatment).

I was really confused. How did we get pictures taken on Easter? We weren’t there. Or maybe Alan took the kids and I wasn’t there?

Chantelle assured me I was there. It is just so weird because I had absolutely no recollection of that. I can’t remember the sermon (sorry, Mark!), where we sat and certainly not the kids taking pictures with the Easter Bunny.

Since then, Alan has reminded me that I had a conversation with my friend, Judy, that day, and I can sort of remember where I was standing while I talked with her, but I have no idea what we talked about (sorry, Judy!).

My oncologist thinks this might be a drug-induced stupor. I am taking a lot of prescriptions so maybe so. It is just really weird to not remember being somewhere.

I have four total treatments of Adriamycin/Cytoxan (a.k.a The Red Devil) before switching to four treatments of Taxol. So, instead of thinking of tomorrow as three of eight, I’ve been trying to focus on it being three of the four hard treatments. Taxol is supposed cause less nausea so that’s something to look forward to, right?

July isn’t that far away, right?


5 thoughts on “Chemo Round 3 & Chemo brain

  1. Oh my! That would be a little disturbing. Makes sure the kids don’t tell you that you “agreed” to something that you never discussed. They could totally play this to their advantage. Haha!
    I will see you tomorrow! Go Jenny!! xxoo

  2. Although I hate hearing about you having these side effects, I hope the chemo does it’s job. Hang in there. You have a good attitute. Also I will email you a seperate email.

  3. July really isn’t far at all, Jenny! You can do this!! You will be so glad to have the worst chemo done with too. We are praying for you daily and wish we could be there to help with the little things. Hoping we can see you soon!

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