Chemo Round 3 & Chemo brain

Chemo Round 3 begins tomorrow.

The not feeling well part lasted a lot longer than I would prefer last time. I’m really hoping I can get through the yucky feeling a bit faster this round.

Ever heard of chemo brain? Well, it is something you read about on a lot of message boards. I’ve even read some actual articles about it. Basically, people who are going through chemo can have short-term memory loss.

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Chemo: 3 days

I met with Dr. Razaq this morning.

Oddly, using a measurement tool that she says is very common in the industry, my odds of recurrence and measurement of mortality are identical whether I do a full eight treatments (four Adriamycin/Cytoxan and four Taxol) or if I just do four rounds of Cytoxan and Taxol together. The former is a 4-month plan; the latter is a 3-month plan.

It is very odd.

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Countdown to Chemo: 6 days

Well folks, things have happened since I last posted.

First, I’m once again reminded that we are surrounded by some pretty amazing people who have all helped us reach the right people at the OU Stephenson Cancer Center. I’m sure the administration is tired of hearing about my situation at this point – so thanks, friends! You guys are the best.

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Words can’t describe…

Words can’t accurately describe how I feel. I’m mad, sad, disappointed…you name it.

I’ve waited very patiently for the last two weeks to hear about my OncoType DX test results. Scratch that. I’ve waited patiently since January 24 for them.

This is a long post so for those of you who know it or don’t want to read that much, just skip down to March 12. That said, I feel like it is important to document this to show just how broken the system is.

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