Chemo: Waiting it out

As I suspected, my doctor’s appointment presented me with two options yesterday: start chemo now while we wait on my test to be run or wait.

As a reminder, this test could potentially (but not likely) tell me I don’t need chemo. Seems silly to start if there is a chance I don’t need it.

She was apologetic that this has taken so long.

As I suspected, it is a combination of MD Anderson being difficult and OU not following up diligently. According to Dr. Razaq, they’ve never had to follow up with any other hospital so it isn’t their standard practice to have done so.

So, I will wait.

The good news is that Dr. Razaq called me this morning to tell me that they had spoken with MD Anderson and my tumor was being overnighted to the testing facility.

Baby step, guys. Baby steps.

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