It’s on!

Looks like heavy-duty antibiotics and commercial-grade moisturizer have rescued me! Surgery is on the docket for Monday afternoon.

And the bigger news…

The tissue expander is staying in! Woohoo!

Dr. Kronowitz was very happy with the way everything looked. He and Katie felt like the skin didn’t look nearly as thin and concerning as it did a few weeks ago.

The true test will come this weekend. I finish my IV antibiotics on Thursday night, then I switch to oral antibiotics. The last time I did this was the last time I wound up admitted in the hospital. We are hoping I just hadn’t been on them long enough to kill the infection last time. Now it has been a month and a half of some heavy-duty meds so I’m hoping they have done their job.

If the infection comes back this weekend, the surgery will move to accomodate Kronowitz’s schedule, as he will be taking the expander out.

But, let’s not dwell on the negative.

Monday is surgery, four weeks of recovery and start chemo.

Five days and counting until we continue the butt-kicking process. Yay!

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