Home again, home again

We made it back home from Houston late last night. Feel so good to be home.

First of all, I must give kudos to my amazing husband who can predict, within a 5-minute window, what time we will pull into our driveway. Not just from Houston (Lord knows we’ve made that trip a zillion times), but from pretty much anywhere. And, while I give him a pretty hard time when he is off by a minute or two, I really do find it quite impressive.

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Houston, I thought we were done with you!

Over the past few days, my right side has gotten progressively more and more sore. First, it was just around where the drain was. That isn’t that abnormal…I do have a tube going deep into my side, and it is stitched in to keep it from getting yanked out. The opening gets sore, the stitches get sore…it is just part of the joy of a drain.

The pain spread slowly over the past couple days.

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The day after recovery day … and the day after that

We’re home. But it wasn’t as simple as planned.

We planned on leaving Houston at about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and being home by late afternoon. But as we fought the morning rush-hour traffic near the Houston Medical District to the Interstate, Jenny was speaking to the triage nurse at the MD Anderson breast center.

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Leaving on a jet plane…

Tomorrow we are leaving for Houston. We have appointments on Tuesday to settle when my right axillary dissection (aka removing the lymph nodes in my right armpit area) will be and if the expander will stay in or come out during that surgery.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of the pics I’ve taken over the past two hospital visits.

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