Post-Chemo Day 12 – Feeling Great

I’m feeling great. Seriously. Completely normal — aside from the soreness of having a foreign object lodged in my chest (a.k.a. the port). Even that is not too bad.

I really felt 100 percent by Day 7, which was last Thursday. I’m on schedule to go in for chemo at 9 a.m. this Thursday morning.

Today I am seeing a lot of hair loss begin to happen. My scalp was really sore yesterday — like when your ponytail is too tight.

This morning I had a small pile of hair collected after straightening it. Later this morning, I ran my hand through my hair and came out with a decent handful.

I’m currently scheduled to shave my head a week from today. I’d do it earlier, but I’m worried that I’ll feel pretty cruddy over the weekend. At the same time, I’m a bit worried about how bad this shedding could get in the next seven days.

Stay tuned for an update on Chemo Round 2.

6 thoughts on “Post-Chemo Day 12 – Feeling Great

  1. Rock it girl! We are glad you are doing so well. Keep that wonderful attitude charged. We are thinking of you and your wonderful family and know that you will always see the bright side.

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