Home and on the mend

We pulled in to our garage around 2:30 a.m. on Thursday morning after a looooong week at MD Anderson. We were beat.

(So was poor Krisan who was so kind and stayed with our kids until we got home even though she had to work the next day – I got lucky when she and I met almost 20 years ago.)

Before leaving, Alan took his PICC line test that allows him to give me my meds and clean and change my dressing. It is really important that we are very careful to keep it sterile so the process of changing my dressing is VERY tough. They require him to demonstrate his abilities while a nurse observes.

Here are some pics of him as he tested:

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Update on me

I’d say that my lack of posting is a good thing because it means that my life has returned back to the normalcy of craziness with family, friends and work. The craziness is definitely present — I feel like I have been running 500 mph for the past several months. But, I think the last few weeks of me talking through my feelings leading up to tomorrow’s scheduled surgery is probably more of the reason — I just want to be done.

So, documenting the things that make me not done is hard.

That said, let me catch you up:

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Hiatus from cancer stuff

So, I guess it is pretty obvious that I took a hiatus from thinking about cancer.

I didn’t blog. I started working out – running and lifting weights. I’ve been REALLY busy at work. We went on vacation. Basically, I’m trying to find my new normal since my most recent “new normal” was two years of waiting for the next cancer milestone — surgery, chemo, radiation, reconstruction, etc. It is weird to not have the next scary thing looming.

A couple cancer-related things have happened in the few months that have gone by:

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