Treatment No. 7 – So close, guys!

I’m three days out from my seventh chemotherapy treatment today (third round of Taxol). I’m pretty proud of myself because I attended a cookout yesterday afternoon, grocery shopped this morning, then cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer this afternoon.

I don’t feel fantastic — I have a lot of sharp pain in my joints, but I am trying to power through it because sitting in bed all day is really pretty depressing. I don’t want to do that.

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Chemo: Taxol Treatment 1

Turns out, they were right.

Taxol isn’t NEARLY as bad as Adriamycin/Cytoxan (aka the red devil) treatments. With the Taxol treatments, I take steroids which help prevent an allergic reaction to the actual chemo. My oncologist had prescribed a steroid to take – five pills the night before and five pills the morning of chemo.

During my infusion, they gave me more steroids, Benedryl and anti-nausea meds. After I had gotten the steroid, I was talking with another lady who said something about how she had to take steroid pills. I told her I did as well. The chemo nurse overheard that. Turns out, she didn’t know the doctor had prescribed those pills, so I didn’t need the IV steroids she had given me. I’m still waiting for the big bulging muscles to pop out as a result of this overdose.

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