Ultrasound results: Good news!

We made our way down to Houston (taking a whole new route through Waco, I might add) yesterday. We started the morning off early at MD Anderson by getting an ultrasound on the infamous lump.

Ultrasound showed that I have a mixture of fat and scar tissue that are forming the big lump. According to the doctor, “We are comfortable with the look and have no concerns.”

Music to our ears.

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Recon Recovery Week 5: Quick update

As suspected, my doctor would like me to get imaging done of the lump under my arm. Alan and I are headed to Houston in the morning for Tuesday appointments. If it is nothing, I will know quickly. If it is something they want to biopsy, I imagine it will take a day or two to get the results.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

PS: I still have one stupid drain and it just won’t slow down. Boo.