Treatment No. 7 – So close, guys!

I’m three days out from my seventh chemotherapy treatment today (third round of Taxol). I’m pretty proud of myself because I attended a cookout yesterday afternoon, grocery shopped this morning, then cleaned out the refrigerator and freezer this afternoon.

I don’t feel fantastic — I have a lot of sharp pain in my joints, but I am trying to power through it because sitting in bed all day is really pretty depressing. I don’t want to do that.

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Shave Party

I know, I know…it’s been awhile since I posted. To be real honest, I just haven’t felt very good. Not terrible, but not good. The fatigue and nausea has lasted longer this time around. But enough complaining. Let me tell you what happened last Tuesday…

First, this gal was the mastermind behind Tuesday. She was, as always, thoughtful and amazing in taking something that pretty much sucks (losing your hair) and making it into something that was a celebration of another step taken forward. She is the best. Seriously.

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Post-Chemo Day 12 – Feeling Great

I’m feeling great. Seriously. Completely normal — aside from the soreness of having a foreign object lodged in my chest (a.k.a. the port). Even that is not too bad.

I really felt 100 percent by Day 7, which was last Thursday. I’m on schedule to go in for chemo at 9 a.m. this Thursday morning.

Today I am seeing a lot of hair loss begin to happen. My scalp was really sore yesterday — like when your ponytail is too tight.

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