Good Trip

Alan and I flew to Houston at the crack of dawn this morning. Today was about meeting with the oncologist to discuss the result of the scans (has it spread?) and get final chemo recommendation.

While the appointment wasn’t as fruitful as we had hoped, it was worth coming.

My normal oncologist was not in the office so as planned, we met with her colleague. He was a lot different than she is, and we liked him quite a lot. He went through all of my scans, and the great news is NONE OF THE SCANS SHOW ANY METASTASIS!

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Closing another looooong day in Houston

It’s been a long day, but it’s almost over.

Jenny is currently in the clinic bed at MD Anderson getting her day’s dose of antibiotics through the IV. Tomorrow, I’ll be able to administer the meds at home.

Jenny was discharged from the hospital this morning after her white blood cell count registered at 10 this morning. Since leaving the room at 11 a.m., we’ve been running from building to building for the bone scan, the CT scan, going to the Pharmacy and getting blood drawn in preparation for surgery next week.

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