Words can’t describe…

Words can’t accurately describe how I feel. I’m mad, sad, disappointed…you name it.

I’ve waited very patiently for the last two weeks to hear about my OncoType DX test results. Scratch that. I’ve waited patiently since January 24 for them.

This is a long post so for those of you who know it or don’t want to read that much, just skip down to March 12. That said, I feel like it is important to document this to show just how broken the system is.

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OKC Oncologist? Check.

On Thursday morning, Alan and I met with Dr. Wajeeha Abdul Razaq at OU Cancer Center.

I really liked her. We did not feel rushed. She answered all of our questions, but even better … She walked in, sat down and apologized that I was going through this. Then, knowing we had already been to an oncologist so we already knew a lot, she began to explain things to us. She didn’t assume we knew.

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It was a long day, but we will take long days like this when they turn out to be so good!

First up, our appointment with Dr. Moulder, the oncologist. She gave us the chemo plan which consists of 12 rounds of Taxol once a week, followed by four rounds of Adriamycin/Cytoxan/5-FU once every three weeks. Total treatment: 6 months.

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